Surface Treatment Unit

  • Pioneer of Plating
With pride and skills as pioneers in plating, we meet various needs of customers.

We are a reliable supplier of the following types of plating: silver, tin, solder, nickel, tin-antimony alloy, nickel-palladium alloy, rhodium, gold-tin alloy, high-reflection gold, indium, hoop (steel, gold, silver, solder, nickel, matt tin, and tin-copper plating on stainless material), leadless, lead-free tin-copper. In addition, we handle silver plating on various types of anodized aluminum, micro precision springs, electronic parts, telecommunication device parts, optical communication parts, various types of glass, ceramic silicon wafers, and aluminum die-casting.

Our Strength and Tools
The plating technology of Surface Treatment Unit was used in the reflecting mirror for the laser beam welding experiment done in space by Mr. Mouri, a Japanese astronaut who joined the space shuttle mission. For automobile parts, we apply Ni plating that has good bonding property.
We are also capable of delivering a total plating solution from pre-process (press, metal work and machining) to the plating process stages.

Surface Treatment Unit Members:
Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Kaji

Since the establishment in 1931 of our plating factory, we have responded to customers’ various demands as pioneers in the plating industry. Today we have four factories to meet different needs of telecommunication companies and major electrical manufacturers. Please feel free to consult us on anything about plating.

Surface treatment enhances added value by attaching another metal on to the base metal. Plating improves electric conductivity, corrosion resistance, solderability, etc.

The inspection room is equipped with a variety of inspection devices.
The laser microscope with 6000x magnification enables us to perform detailed 3-D check.

In the quality control room, every part is checked manually.

We handle gold, silver, copper, rhodium, palladium and a dozen more types of plating. We are familiar with the properties of every metal.

Facilities in the

Silver plating line

Hoop plating line