Precision Part Unit

We are experts in difficult rotary vertical grinding and micron-level processing.

Precision machining, rotary vertical grinding, small-diameter honing, and micro-processing.
Drilling and end milling with Φ1.0 or smaller diameter. We support detailed specifications such as flatness and parallelism of non-magnetic materials, and small-diameter finishing. Our machining technologies also contribute to the fields of telecommunication, engineering, semi-conductors, chemicals, medicine and aerospace.

Our Strength and Tools
Precision machining
Rotary vertical grinding
Small-diameter honing
Micro processing
Processing of difficult-to-machine materials, new materials, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Leader of Micro Part Team:
Mr. Asaga

With 46 years of experience since our foundation, we respond to customers’ requests as experts on micro parts.

Micro grooving with 0.1mm scale and making a 0.5mm hole on a very thin metal cylinder! Challenge to the micron-level accuracy!

Rotary vertical
For thin or light material, material with small grinding area, material requiring reference surface, or for pre-processing of lap/polish

  • Thickness: 0.1-170
  • Max. diameter: Φ750
  • Precision: 1μm or smaller
  • Surface roughness: 0.1μm or smaller

We produce prototypes for R&D.
If a drawing is provided, we can ourselves handle the entire process from material procurement to production of the finished product.

Small-diameter honing, diameter Φ1.25~30.0

  • Length: 2mm - 300mm
  • Cylindricity: 1μm >
  • Circularity: 1μm >
  • Surface Roughness: Ra 0.1μm -
  • EXΦ1.5×20
  • Φ2.0×100
  • Φ3.0×150

Micro-processing Even such small parts can be processed with micron-level accuracy.
We can handle SUS, aluminum, carbide, titanium, brass, tungsten, molybdenum, ceramic, quartz glass, iridium, ruthenium, etc.

  • Surface grinding
Surface grinding experts who are able to handle challenging resin parts grinding and round grinding with ease.

In addition to metals, we also grind many other challenging materials including copper, resin, carbon, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, glass epoxy, Kevlar, ceramic, asbestos and aramid resin. Grinding of round-shaped materials is also possible.

Our Strength and Tools
Surface grinding
Development of innovative proprietary products including a machine to dispose of injection needles

Leader of Surface Grinding Team:
Mr. Nasu

You can confidently rely on us and consult us for surface grinding. We will guide you with experience and intuition gained over our 23 years of experience since establishment.

Precision Part Unit Tour (Surface Grinding)

A team member concentrates on grinding work.

Various resins can be ground.

Different types of grindstones are used for different materials ranging from metal to resin

We take part in community ecological volunteering activity with “Eco-cap” to remove the retained cap rings from PET bottles.