Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy
We recognize the significance of protection and appropriate management of personal information as our social obligation, and undertake the following.
  1. Scope
    • This privacy policy shall apply to the service provided by us.
    • This privacy policy shall not apply to the websites and services that are not directly controlled by us.
  2. Acquisition of Personal Information and Usage
    • Only the authorized people in our company are allowed to handle the personal information only for business purposes (except in cases to be regarded as exceptions by laws and regulations).
  3. Disclosure of Personal Information
    • The collected personal information shall be used only for purposes and usage agreed by you. We will not disclose any personal information to any third party except in cases that fall into any of the followings.
      • When we have prior consent from you about disclosure to a third party;
      • When there is a court order to disclose the information; or
      • When disclosure is required by laws.