Metal Work Unit

Rely on our metal work team. We handle a range of metal works from precision work to large work for cutting, processing and welding metals.

We are proud of the environment and equipment with which we can implement laser processing, cutting, welding, and large 5-meter size metal works with iron, stainless steel, aluminum and brass materials. Many large laser machines, each worth tens of millions of yen, are running in our spacious factory.
We always maintain sufficient stock in our 2-ton capacity material stocker to enable us to start production immediately. Not many factories in Kanagawa Prefecture can handle such large-scale metal works.

Our Strength and Tools
Spacious facility that makes large metal work possible
A cutting machine with width 2500mm, and laser machine with capacity of up to 1500mm×3000mm size metal plate processing

Leader of Metal Work Team:
Mr. Muraishi
Member of Metal Work Team:
Mr. Motoda

15 skilled workers work in the factory that was founded 25 years ago.
Please feel free to consult us when you need large-size metal works.

This factory uses many large laser machines, and produces rear parts of tank trucks with diameter 2.5 meters.

A rear part of a tank truck with diameter 2.5 meters has just been completed.

This cutting machine can cut sheet metal of width up to 2500mm.

The bender is a machine to bend metals.

A part is processed accurately according to the data read from CAD.

A group of welding workers is hard at work.

A lift to carry parts between 1F and 2F is also equipped. The lift can carry even a forklift.

  • Aluminum Welding
Aluminum and Stainless Steel Welding Team

Aluminum welding is generally difficult and requires high-level skills.
The factory is especially proud of its excellent welding technique.

Our Strength and Tools
Aluminum welding

Leader of Aluminum and S
tainless Steel Welding Team:
Mr. Kato

Please consult us on anything to do with aluminum welding!

Metal Work Team Tour

A welded part.

Aluminum welding work.