Inspection Unit

  • Quality-First Policy
We ensure high quality for our products with strict inspection and with full commitment to our quality-first policy.

To deliver “safety” and “security” to our customers, we thoroughly inspect the quality of all our products in our temperature-controlled room before delivery.
We have CNC 3-D measuring instruments, general-purpose 3-D measuring instruments and optic laser shape measuring instruments, as well as screw gages and ring gages.

Our Strength and Tools
CNC 3-D measuring instruments
Optical laser shape measuring instruments

Member of Inspection Unit:
Mr. Abe and Mr. Numata

We implement strict quality control as inspection professionals.
You can trust us.

Inspection Unit Tour

Members concentrate on each inspection.

Laser shape measuring instrument

We usually report inspection results by using our report format or by adding them to drawings. If you have your own specified report format, we will accommodate it.