Heat Treatment Unit

Skillful quenchingand tempering make your product harder and more durable.

This factory produces parts for precision machines etc. through heat treatment, and various sizes and types of quenching and tempering furnaces are used here to accommodate parts for many purposes. Heat treatment is a technique to change the structure of metal by cooling immediately after heating, for press mold, car gear, etc. With this technique, the parts become harder and more durable to prevent wear. We have long experience in heat treatment for prototype parts.

Our Strength and Tools
Latest machines for process parts for various purposes (gas nitrocarburizing furnace, NOCY liquid carburizing, round quenching furnace, etc.)
Skills and proposals based on long experience and intuition

Member of Heat Treatment Team:
Leader of Heat Treatment Team:
Mr. Oyama

We know almost everything about heat treatment. We propose heat treatment process solutions for prototyping based on our long experience and intuition.

Quenching at 1030 Celsius: heat treatment in gas nitrocarburizing furnace and bright annealing furnace

Quenching furnace
at 1030 Celsius
We handle stainless steel, SKD, special steel, etc.

Round furnaceWe have a large round furnace for large-part processing. External diameter 600 φ, height 1.4 meters.

Gas nitrocarburizing furnace The tempering furnace strengthens parts by controlled cooling after quenching.

Carburizing furnaceLiquid carburizing enables speedy process! The depth of carburizing is controllable.

  • Induction Quenching
The expert for induction quenching that is applicable to required portions only, and precision inspection

Specialized in induction quenching for automobile parts and molds. Unlike normal quenching, it causes less distortion because the quenching is applied only partially. After the induction quenching, any distortion and kinks in the parts are corrected by pressing. Another strength of ours is precision inspection.

Our Strength and Tools
Induction quenching
Microscopes that can see each iron particle, and precision inspection applying Vickers Hardness Test

Leader of Induction
Quenching Team: Mr. Yazaki

Rely on us for induction quenching.
We have a range of instruments for precision inspections.

We check and control manually for finishing.

Different sized induction coils on the wall. They are used for different purposes for every product.

As finishing, distortion after induction quenching is corrected manually by skilled workers.

Texture inspection using
a microscope that can
view iron particles.
Not many factories in Kanagawa Prefecture are capable of such precise inspection.