General Headquarters

  • Head Factory
As prototyping experts, we integrate related units to fulfill various needs.
Our Strength and Tools
Precision part
(Micro components, jig grinding, gear parts, surface grinding, profile grinding, and beam welding)

General Chief: Mr. Taguchi
Assistant to General Chief: Mr. Abe

Welcome to Prototype Paradise. We provide the best prototyping solutions to meet customer needs.
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Inside the Head Factory

Discussing the process steps while referring the design drawing.

Appropriately equipping various cutting machines.

Concentrating on the final finishing: even an error of ±1μm is not allowed.

The CAD operator handles a complicated program with ease.

An impeller for oil hydraulic transmission. It usually takes almost 3 days to cut this.

The cradle-type bed requires no troublesome changeover. Every machine in the Head Factory is equipped with this.

Parts Produced at the Head Factory

Cutting in wing configuration: programming is critical.

Stainless steel can be also processed beautifully in this way.

A valve body for an automobile. It requires delicate finishing.

A fully-machined gearbox cover for a race car. The key is how distortion is minimized during the process.