Design Unit

  • Design Unit
Challenges to even unknown fields to meet customers’ needs and make the impossible possible!

Design Unit handles car engine design, engine part design, jig design and assembly, wind tunnel modeling for automobile industry, structural analysis with 3D CAD, etc. To realize customers’ concepts, we have worked on many challenging designs with a fighting spirit. We are a group of the brightest experts making the impossible possible!

Our Strength and Tools
Engine design
Design of various devices
Strength analysis of engine and machine parts

Leader of Design Unit:
Mr. Hara
Sub Leader of Design Unit:
Mr. Kurihara

6 years have passed since our spin-off from a design division of a major company. We create design for prototyping from scratch. Please feel free to consult us!

Everything starts from this design room…Drawing a scenario to create a product

Design and structure analysis using CAD software and CITIA

Planning, designing and production scheduling engines for race cars from V12 to in-line four-cylinder engine. Also, we handle generator engines and various all-purpose engines.

Solar tracking device

We design solar tracking devices for solar-powered generators. The solar tracking device we designed has achieved the world’s best performance (when interlocked with the solar system)!

Our office is always tidy. Many products and prototypes have been born in this design room.

We designed the engine equipped in the experimental vehicle for Le Mans 24 under the supervision of Professor Yoshimasa Hayashi, Department of Prime Mover Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokai University.

We design prototypes for precision parts and all-purpose parts.