• Concept
Assure the quality leveraging the excellent skills of small-sized town factories. That’s most important!
President Taguchi
We interviewed President Taguchi of Sanjyu Co. Ltd.,
about the concept of Prototype Paradise.

----Could you tell us what made you decide to launch the Prototype Paradise website?

Taguchi:Generally, you may have a negative impression if you hear “town factory”. However, actually town factories in Japan have excellent skills. It is not too much to say that Japan can really be proud of these factories.
Unfortunately, it is also a fact that many town factories don’t have adequate inspection systems.

----Inspection system? Specifically, which aspects of the fact cause problems?

Taguchi:For example, large-scale manufacturers hesitate to order to town factories because they are not sure about the quality, although they want to leverage such excellent skills. When they inspect the finished product, they find the dimension is out of tolerance range or a critical process has not been done. And while they let a town factory rework the product, the delivery deadline cannot be met. It is very unfortunate that collaboration between a large-scale manufacturer and a town factory is lost because of such reasons even if the large-scale manufacturer is interested in potentials of the town factory. We have to approach to skills and quality management separately.

----Indeed, it is a shame that they miss good opportunities. The key is the inspection system?

Quality Assurance - I think this is the most important thing in the manufacturing industry.
It is impossible to eliminate 100% of defects in any production line. The point is how we can prevent defective products from being delivered to customers. This can be done only by a thorough inspection.
All the customers want products without concern about quality. It is a must.
Therefore, we undertake inspection to establish a system to make customers feel secured to order, and as a result, excellent skills of town factories are fully leveraged. That’s the ideal mechanism for acquiring more orders for town factories.

We inspect all of the finished products at our in-house inspection facility and deliver them to our customers.
We understand the importance of “inspection” and “quality” for all products from precision parts to generic products.

---We understand the importance of inspection. And this inspection system is also the concept of Prototype Paradise, isn’t it?
By the way, why do you focus on “prototype”?

Taguchi:As a general manufacturing organizer, we know who can do what.
On request from a customer, we can imagine “the finished product” in our brain.

We can organize design, manufacture, inspect and deliver the product in one stop for a customer by making the best of “skills” and “knowledge” acquired from the experience as a town factory for more than 20 years, and trust-based relationship and network with the other town factories established during that time.
This is the concept of Prototype Paradise.

--We understand. By the way, it is interesting to express the apparent masculine manufacturing industry with fun illustration.

Taguchi:Thank you.
It is important to have a dream or vision for your business in any industry. I hope this website can also tell that to visitors.

--It is a bit like a men’s romantic adventure.

--Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing success of Prototype Paradise in the future.