Carbon and Resin Processing Unit

  • Carbon and Resin Processing
Plays a role in cutting-edge industries with carbon processing as an alternative to iron and aluminum processing, and with the most advanced part processing (resin processing)!

We design and produce parts using carbon, a new and highly valued material with lighter weight and higher durability, as an alternative to iron and aluminum, to meet customers’ demands regarding reduction in lead time and cost. Carbon and Resin Processing Unit mainly handles carbon processing and molding, glass epoxy processing, and plastics processing. We play a role in cutting-edge industries by processing critical precision parts and advanced parts for satellites, airplanes, race cars, industrial robots and rockets.

Our Strength and Tools
Carbon molding
(Maximum diameter 2 meters; maximum length 5 meters)
Various types of materials can be processed.
(Plastic, acrylic, polypropylene, vinyl chloride, bakelite, MC nylon, etc.)

Leader of Carbon and Resin
Processing Unit: Mr. Aizawa

I launched my own business when I was 25 years old, with the support of people around me. I engage in study every day as an expert in resin processing. You can rely on me especially when you are looking for a carbon-based solution!

We are absolutely confident about machining carbon and resin! Starting from preparing the raw materials, we produce parts in many different forms.

Carbon molding

We have the ability to prepare carbon as raw material and also to process carbon in various ways.
As carbon is a relatively lighter and more durable material, it is used for making the airplane body, race car, archery bow, etc. We can produce parts with diameter of up to 2 meters and length of 5 meters.

An arm for an industrial robot. Curved shape and many other forms can be processed.


A flow soldering jig for board plating.
Just setting a board in the jig before dipping in solder enables accurate soldering.

Glass epoxy resin adhered part

Race car part

  • Gantry machining center 3200x1200x700
  • Vertical machining center 610x410x700
  • 560x400x700
  • 1000x700x700
  • CAD/CAM: supporting DWG and DXF file formats
  • Equipped with a panel saw, a crosscut table saw, a lathe, 5 dust collector units, planes, an electric furnace, and many other machines and tools.